Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Don't Be a Dummy

I love to travel. I feel like I'd go crazy being in one spot all the time. But traveling can be hard on ya.......if ya let it

You have to decide before you ever crank the vehicle: Are you gonna be the ventriloquist or the dummy?

Are you in control of the trip or is something or someone else in control.

I can tell you, it's a lot more fun when you aren't the one with the hand up your butt.

I've traveled through vast expanses of countryside with mom and Leon. Today we explored eastern Colorado, the panhandle of Oklahoma and part of Texas.

Covering this amount of distance may seem exhausting but it's not. Well let me quantify that statement. Traveling vast distances CAN be exhausting if you approach it incorrectly. It's brutal if ya choose the dummy route.

The trip we are on is fun. It's fun because we are making it fun. We took control and refused to let it be any other way.

Today we have chosen to be the ventriloquist. We are in charge of pace. We are in charge of direction. We are in no hurry. If we see a roadside attraction that strikes our fancy we go see it. If we are hungry and see an interesting local restaurant we stop and eat. We aren't on any time schedules.

After looking at corn fields for days, it may seem like 10 more hours of corn fields would be maddening but it hasn't been.

It's been fun. We've been singing, we've stopped at some cool little stores and historic sites. But the most important part of the trip is the fact that we are in control.

When you start the trip with a ventriloquist's mindset you have fun along the way. When you have fun along the way the "boring miles" melt.

I realize it is not always possible to to be in command of the logistics like we are on this trip.
But when life allows you to, I suggest that you leave early, enjoy spots along the way , and most of all......refuse to be the dummy.

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