Thursday, August 16, 2012

One Big Ocean. A thought and a Wes Loper song

Possibly it's because I've always felt a strong connection to large bodies of water (probably a metaphysical extra dimensional connection

Or possibly it's because I've been around water my entire life.

But either way, I am an aquaphile.

I get mesmerized by it.

Today We are playing in Panama City Beach. We have some down time between load in and soundcheck. I ordered some food and then turned my eyes to the Gulf.

Just like a million other times in my life, I instantly feel at home because of the water. It has an amazing comforting, calming affect on me.

These surroundings (or truly any other surroundings) may be foreign but if I'm within sight of those familiar emerald waves I am at peace.

Maybe it's because the water is in constant restless flux and I feel it must therefore also be a musician, but the connection I feel is undeniable.

So I sit here and feel absolutely happy. It is like I'm getting to visit with my oldest friend, saltwater.

As I soak it in I have another thought:
The magically beautiful waters I enjoyed while on Kwajalein a few weeks back are part of these same waters.

Everything about my surrounds is different: the people, the sounds, the wardrobe, the vegetation, ....everything.....Everything except that saltwater.

Maybe that's why I love it so much. In this crazy ever changing world I live in that saltwater is constant. It maybe always moving (just like I am) but it in a different way it acts as an anchor too. I can hold on to it. I know it will always be there for me.

These thoughts bounce around my head and a song is instantly attached to the sentiment. Wes Loper's "One Big Ocean". I had the honor of playing a duo with Wes last night. As always he was spectacular.
But being here ,thinking about that song in retrospect gives the song and my current situation more meaning.

If you are unfamiliar with the song you should familiarize your self with it ( It's great. But the chorus perfectly fits my feelings now :

"One big ocean
Let their names just flow together don't forget your lotion
let's go play in the sunny weather
near one big ocean
it can seem like a childish notion
but all the water
around this Earthly Island
is one big ocean."

It's a happy fun beach song but there's more to it than that.

It sums up the feeling I'm having at the moment. Our perceptions that all these different ocean views are somehow 100% unrelated is false. Sure some spots have a uniqueness others do not but the important part of the picture, the ocean, is one solitary thing.

As I said earlier I love being around bodies of water. It's part of who I am (literally and figuratively). As everyone I am comprised greatly of saltwater. But also I love boating (sail or motor) , skiing , surfing, swimming, snorkeling , or just floating.

I need water and I need to be near water.

I appreciate Wes Loper for writing a song that helps me appreciate it even more.

I'd keep pontificating but sound check is rapidly approaching and I am wasting time that could be used spending quality time with my oldest friend.

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