Thursday, August 23, 2012

You Should See the Way It Feels To Me

I love being a singer / song writer. I can't imagine getting as much joy doing anything else.

But I am not only a participant, I am an avid lover of the craft. I am a student of song writing and I have been a student of song craft long before I ever learned the first note on a guitar or really tried to write lyrics.

Enjoying a well crafted song is my favorite hobby. 

Through the years I have been fortunate enough to meet and befriend many other people who study and love songwriting. This is fortunate for me because it becomes a way to find high quality new singer / songwriters that I would probably otherwise miss. We aren't a club or society or anything. We are simply friends who have similar likes. And since a lot of these friends have proven to me that their tastes are exquisite, it makes it easy to trust their recommendations. 

Even though I have many songwriting aficionado friends, the two that top the list are Jet and DiGi Broughton.

They have turned me on to so many of my favorite songs and songwriters that I almost feel I should pay them inspiration royalties. 

I always enjoy going over to their house because I inevitably leave their with some new songwriting inspiration, some new songs and songwriters to check out. (NOTE: DiGi being an incredible cook, and both of them being cool folks to hang with is a decided bonus.) 

One of my visits to their house (many many many years ago) resulted in the greatest songwriting "find" of my life. 

The Broughtons suggested I listen to some David Wilcox.

I was vaguely familiar with the name (92ZEW used to play on of his songs years ago) but I was basically in the dark about David Wilcox. 

Well Jet and DiGi fixed this deficiency right up. 

Once I had that first introduction, I was hooked. 

I have subsequently bought every David Wilcox recording, I have seen him in concert 3 times, and I cover a multitude of his songs.

It is safe to say I am a full fledged Wilcox fan.

I know each person has their own opinions on music, but for me he is the greatest singer/songwriter I've ever heard. Anyone that knows how much I truly revere James Taylor and Jim Croce knows that this is a big statement for me to make. But I stand by it. 

David Wilcox is as good as it gets. 

There may be cooler bands, or music that is more apt to make you wanna dance, etc. , but when it comes to an intimate acoustic guitar....Wilcox is as good as it gets.

I'm such a huge fan of the guy, I have no doubt that his songs will sporadically weave their way into my blog posts for as long as I write em. Today is just the first.

I feel good today. Everything just seems to be working properly. My body feels good. My mind feels sharp. When I am thinking of the future I see only promise. I started thinking about all the amazing moments I've enjoyed up to this point.

I think back on some silly mistakes I've made. They can't get me down. Today they just bring a smirk to my face. 

I may not be a rich man but I am a happy man. 

This got me thinking about the weight of perception on life experiences.
A lot of time a moment has brought me so much joy when I'm sure that moment would have been so insignificant to other people it may well have gone completely unnoticed.

And I'm sure these other people have had moments in their life that would seem critical to them and insignificant to me. 

If you remember your treehouse as looking like a palace hundreds of feet up in the clouds, that's how you will remember it when you are 80. No one can change that. As a matter of fact, even if you revisit your treehouse and see that it is tiny and barely 15ft off the ground it will not change your memory of it. You can be a realist all you want, but there is a part of you....that little child inside of you, that still sees that glorious castle in the sky.

I love nostalgia for this reason. It isn't just a chronicling of history, it is a moment when youthful imagination is allowed to flood in once again and remember. You remember facts (dates, times, people, places, etc) but more importantly you remember those feelings. Nothing in the world can change those feelings. And those feelings belong to you and you alone. 

That's a fun and beautiful part of life, isn't it? We each get to experience life in our own way. The value that life's moments have is dictated by us individually. 

I started getting wrapped up in the thought of this and it made my good day greater and greater. 

Then I remembered the David Wilcox song "You Should See the Way It Feels To Me".
It 100% perfectly describes this idea, better than I could ever hope to. 

And that is part of the reason David Wilcox is my favorite. So many times in life, I have had a profound thought or a deep reflective moment (happy or sad) and I realize there is a related David Wilcox song that explains my feelings to perfection. 

If you are unfamiliar with David's music, I highly highly recommend it. I pretty much guarantee that you will find some of his songs that apply to your life. 

Here's the one that perfectly applied to my life today:

You Should See the Way It Feels To Me

It might look to you like nothing much to see
But you should see the way it feels to me
Here's the sidewalk I used to ride my bike
Down this little slope, down my little mountain
Start by the driveway spinning up to speed
Careful on the gravel 'cause it's nasty on the knees
Watch out for the branches on that apple tree
Soar down to the corner

Well I guess it's not as high as I remember
It might not be a mountain after all
But it was hard enough to climb
And steep enough to coast
Long enough to satisfy
And fast enough to boast

It may look to you like nothing much to see
But you should see the way it feels to me

Here's the treehouse, I used to spend my night
Up this little tree, way up in my mansion
Jump to the first branch, walk it upside down
Careful of your grip 'cause it's a long way to the ground
Better get a handhold before you look around
You can see into forever

Well I guess it's not as high as I remember
It might not be a mansion after all
But it was hard enough to climb
And safe enough to sleep
Big enough to satisfy
And home enough for me

It may look to you like nothing much to see
But you should see the way it feels to me

Here's the old man who used to be the child
So long ago, not so very long though
Look at the memory, think of all those years
Looking through the sparkle of the sunlight in the tears
Better take another look before you disappear
You can see across your lifetime

So I look at where I've come and where I'm going
I will never be the greatest after all
But it was hard enough to climb
To get to where I've been
Love enough to satisfy
And life enough to live

I make look to you like nothing much to be
But you should see the way it feels to me
You should see the way it feels to me


©1995 Midnight Ocean Bonfire Music/Nine-Ten Music,
a division of Soroka Music Ltd. (BMI)
All Rights Reserved/International Copyright Secured 


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