Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Costume Party for Words

Words are with the songwriter day in and day out. They are vitally important to the craft of songwriting (non instrumental songwriting anyway). Since, I've been a songwriter my whole life, I have a deep love affair with words and language (which is just a way to package them and present them).

Because I'm so intimately involved in the world of words I like to treat them like my colleagues or my friends. I like to stop work every so often and just have a little fun with these "friends". (I hope everyone is reading this in a Bob Ross voice, because that's how it is intended).

Today I decided to have a little fun by simply looking at some common words or phrases and then intentionally forgetting their meaning. Once it was just me and the words sans definition, I wondered if I could come up with some "alternate definitions" that these words COULD be defined by. I basically let the words have a costume party for a day. Try it yourself. It's fun. Here's what I came up with:

Extra ordinary- way more average than the rest

Manifest- party girls have when they all get their nails did. (opposite of pedifest)

Psychopath- bad choice of ways to walk home.

Brain Freeze- I have this a lot when I'm trying to remember someone's name or remember where my keys are

Fireworks- as evidenced by ashes

Babysitter- Stop doing that.

Somebody- what I go to the beach to see

Forklift- v. Only way to eat pasta

Cocktail party- no comment

Infamous - more than famous (ibid "Three Amigos")

Bashful- adj meaning of a nature likely to attack physically

Liability- skill characteristic of back stabbers and cheaters

Willy-nilly - in need of Viagra

Backfire- something to definitely wanna avoid. If it occurs , stop drop and roll.

Underarm- can be a plethora of things depending on the angle and location of the arm. Common things that are underarm : girlfriend, seat back, guitar,....

Firearm- follow same procedure as if backfire. Hopefully there was no girlfriend under it at the time

Sunbathe- that's gonna hurt. And how did you get up there?

Key stroke- that panic feeling when you have a brain freeze and don't know where your keys are

Underdog- where puppies go to drink

Repairman- aka a doctor

Ballroom dancing- trying to move in such a way as to be less constricted in these tight underwear

Nutcracker - clothing that is usually the cause of ballroom dancing

Forbid- might stand a chance on winning (on eBay)

Teamwork- what a coach has to do in the offseason

Carsick- ready to just pick one and buy it already. Uggggggh

Waterproof- the weakest alcoholic beverage possible

Afterlife- death

Drawbridge- simple round in Pictionary

Setback- what I need a chiropractor for

Underclothes - the floor of my room

Footnote- barely legible

Moonstruck- how the hell did that happen ?

Sideshow- aspect of woman's outfits that I like.

Headlight - an idea

Duckbill- AFLAC payment

Bellboy- has a hard time sneaking up on anyone

Handout- oh. You lost your glove too?

Skylight- the Sun

Mothball- tiny insect testicle

Showoff- a gig cancellation

Eyewitness - an optometrist

Superimpose- being the best at getting in the way and being a burden to someone

Watchtower- boring job

Nevermore - <

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  1. Cocktail Party! Hahahaha! I love this! So clever!