Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's a Small World.......But I wouldn't want to paint it!

It's a Small World.......But I wouldn't want to paint it!
My Grandfather (Nathan Cooper)

The two most useless emotions are regret and worry
My Grandfather (Nathan Cooper)

It is with utter amazement that I say, this is my last day in America for a month. I've been looking forward to these trips for many months. However I have had tunnel vision on another topic, my album release. With all the hundreds of hours devoted to making sure the banner was the right color or the logo was printed properly on the lip balm or making sure the sheet music was in the right key for rehearsal with the band, etc etc etc I let the trip sneak up on me.

Which brings us to today. I'm about to go around the world (twice) and I haven't even put one sock in a suitcase yet. As I think about the extreme amount of travel I am about to embark on I think "I'm about to be on the Gulf Coast, the West Coast, The Coast of the Marshall Islands, Belgium (maybe the Belgian Coast or maybe not), then soon after returning on to the Gold Coast! I'm covering the planet (or at least the coasts of the planet) in a span of about two months. Isn't The world a small place?". Only to immediately be reminded of a phrase I heard my Granddad say over and over, "Sure, it's a small world, but I wouldn't wanna paint it".

Then I smile at the realization that the size of the world (and therefore my concern with having not packed anything yet) is really relative to perspective.

I'm handling more pressing issues that need to be done before I can pack.

I have an incredible amount of other, non-packing preparation still left to do. But I'll get as much of it done today as I can...then I will cut and let the loose end drag.

I have found that's all I can do.

Hustle hustle hustle until it's go time. Then.......just enjoy the ride. Worrying isn't gonna help.

My granddad also used to always say the two most useless emotions are regret and worry. I believe he was right. These two emotions don't change anything for the better. If they effect us at all it is to diminish the present (and therefore how we approch the future).

So whenever I finally get to packing my suitcase (which if I had to guess I'd say will be around midnight tonight) I won't regret waiting to the last minute. And I won't worry that I have forgotten something. I'll just slap as much stuff as I can into the suitcase and try to get some rest. I have bigger things to concern myself with tomorrow than sock worry.

And I'm sure by packing last minute and haphazardly I will inevitably forget some item I wanted to bring. But I won't worry about it or regret not packing it.

There are certain items I know I must have (Guitar, underwear, passport). Those will be packed first, all my other items will hopefully be along for the ride too.

But just so ya know, I ain't bringing a paint brush.

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