Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Everyone Doesn't Hate Us (Some Will Never Hear Of Us)

"I am an optimist - it does not seem to be much use to be anything else.” 
 Winston S. Churchill

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” 
 Oscar Wilde

I've been told I am way too optimistic. And I'm sure there's truth to that. So I'll admit it here and now,

My Name is Eric Erdman and I'm an optimist.

I see the glass half full more often than half empty. (QUESTION: Does it help my pessimism cred that I think either way you slice it, the glass in question is definitely lacking the proper amount of rum?).

I'm about to release my first solo album, "My Brother's Keepers". I couldn't be more proud of it. And like anyone who has created something they are proud of, I want to tell everybody. I am not trying to tell them about my album so they can gush over how great it is. I simply want them to hear it. I want them to hear it because if this album sits in a shoe box under my bed......it dies. Art of all kinds must be seen or heard or felt in order to live. Since I want this collection of songs to live,  my plan is to spread it to the four corners of the world.

As soon as the album hits the street I'll be in the Marshall Islands (Kwajalein and Roi Namur), Belgium and Germany. Once I'm back in the States I will immediately begin planning my Australian tour with my friends, Hussy Hicks. And that's just the beginning. I plan on going everywhere that will have me and playing these songs. I'm doing this because I want these songs to live ( I realize the amazing life experiences that come along with all this traveling will be tremendously fun as well. But the reason for going is the music. The fun is bonus).

Once my music is spread through the airways of the world it is out of my control. I can't control how others perceive it. And the stark reality is, some people will absolutely adore it, some people will be indifferent and some will detest it. But the point is....I will spread it with all the force I have.

(On a plane. Somewhere, most likely)

Optimist: Guys, I'm so excited about this trip. We are gonna get to see so many places and expose so many new people to these songs

Pessimist: Yeah, but it is likely that a lot of those people are gonna hate it.

Optimist : Yeah, you are correct.  Some will probably not like it, but isn't it worth it to get the music into the ears of so many people that DO like it?

Pessimist: Not if we have to do it via rattletraps like this (points around the cabin of the plane). I'll be surprised if we make it to even a couple ears.

Optimist: This plane will get us to where we are going just fine. And quit focusing on those that won't like the music. The people that will love it will spread the word and it could go viral and reach a large percentage of the world population. How awesome would that be?

Statistician (waking up) : Well, that's not true. The greatest viral campaigns in history only reached a couple 100 million people. 

Optimist: a couple HUNDRED MILLION? That's SOOOOO many people.

Statistician: True. That IS a lot of people , but, surely you realize that that is not a large percentage of the world's population? We're talking less than 3%. 

Pessimist: 3%? So our ultimate POSSIBLE success ceiling is to be as successful as Psoriasis? Great

Statistician: (looks around) where's the flight attendant? I need more rum.

Optimist: Ok, guys, Look. I may have over exaggerated with my use of the terms "large percentage" and I realize that this is a pretty arduous task we have chosen, but we will definitely be getting the music to a lot of new listeners. I'm 100% confident of that.

Statistician: Well , as a statistician, the only thing I'd ever say I was actually 100% confident of is the fact my bladder will not hold another ounce. (heads toward the bathroom) Hey! Tell the flight attendant that I'm making room. Bring a double.

Optimist: Look, This music only lives if it gets heard. So let's get it heard. We should take criticism where it can be used constructively, then focus on how we cater to and better serve the folks who love the music. Besides.....like numbers boy said, the best we can hope for is 3%. So don't fear, Buddy. Not everybody will hate us......97% will never get their chance.

(Flight Attendant arrives)
Flight Attendant: May I get you a drink?

Optimist: Yes, Please. A glass full of ginger ale for me, one half empty of water for my friend here. And a rum, double for "Capt'n Jack Sparrow" back there in the bathroom.


  1. Ha, ha... I enjoyed your split personalities' witty banter. And I'm jealous of all your upcoming travelling! We po' folk will just have to settle for travelling to the computer to download your album on itunes. So be sure to let us know when that happens!

  2. I'm just as poor as anyone. I do get lots of travel for free though so I can't complain. And I will be writing everyday of my tour. I however can't promise there will be Internet availability for me to upload or update my stuff. But I'm gonna try