Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spice, Spice Baby... Too Old

What else can I say but......Spice Girls

They are back, people. (Of course If you were judging by my bedspread, lunchbox, bumper stickers, and tattoo you'd think they never went anywhere). They have been on a hiatus (don't get me started. I'm not very posh when I rant).

But NOW! A new era is dawning. And Finally........The Spice Girls are back!

Not only are they back.......they are back AND putting out a MUSICAL. How did we not all see this coming?

I mean think of the varied talents of Scary Spice, Posh Spice, Ginger, Baby, and the other one.
They aren't just musicians. They are actors, politicians, diplomats, astronauts, entrepreneurs.

Their amazing hit "Wannabe"(If You Wanna Be My Lover) and then those few other songs I'm sure they had but I can't recall at the moment, paved the way for this long overdue resurgence. I'm thinking that it is not only time for them to make new music, but with the void they have left for the last decade, they should come back into their rightful omnipresence.

I want "Spice World 2: The Reckoning" on Broadway AND in the Coen Brothers' adaptation for film.

I want to see posters on every subway car, taxi, billboard, etc

I want the new line of dolls (not those kind of dolls. Although I'm sure there would be a market)

I want to read the tell all autobiography "Baby Ain't A Baby No More: The Story of Old Spice"

I want General Mills to release a new yet slightly stale cereal named "Geria-Trix"in their honor. (Probably gonna have to work with a new slogan being as "Geria-Trix are for kids" just isn't gonna work. But that should be an easy workaround)

I want Wendy Williams to have a week long series called Spice Week where each member of the band tells their story behind the break up.

I want Spice Girl cologne (not sure what it'll smell like. But I'll buy it)

I want there to be a tour so that a new generation of fans can know the joy of donning a pristine Spice Girl Tour Shirt. (Of course I will still be wearing my vintage tour T's from 96'. I've been Spicey since they were underground)

I want Elvis Costello to revive Spectacle so that I can watch him join them on stage for a tear jerking rendition of "2 Become 1"

I wanna no longer be ashamed of my all encompassing Spice fascination.

I wanna finally be able to wear something other than turtlenecks in public (due to my Spice Girls' neck tattoo. And then the subsequent decade being Spiceless. I have had abandonment issues)

I want them to be more successful than Elvis, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Michael Jackson combined.

But if ya wanna know what I want most of all

I'll tell ya what I want, what I really really want

I wanna

I wanna

I wanna

I wanna

I wanna

I really really really wanna......ziggah zig AHH!


  1. I was choking the whole time I was reading this due to laughing so hard! :)

  2. I just figured if the rest of the world was gonna get all wound up about a Spice Girls Musical I didn't "Wannabe" (pun intended) left out